Why Hire A Property Manager


Property management should protect your investment and leave you in peace! 

You’ll Maximize The Return On Your Investment

You could be afraid that it would cost more. But actually you’ll make more money in the long term due to:

  • Better and more timely care of the property
  • Placement of high quality tenants that stay longer
  • Less damage and repairs to handle
  • Reduced vacancy rates

Property Management  Will Save You From:

  • Tracking rent payments
  • Collecting late fees
  • Dealing with complaints and repairs
  • Prepping the property for new tenants
  • Finding reliable and honest vendors
  • Personal Involvement
  • Being too lenient
  • Dealing with bad or nagging tenants
  • Stress!

Better Tenants Due To:

  • Larger pool of potential tenants
  • Professional screening
  • Experience with this process

Property Managers Know the Law:

  • They can avoid contractual legal traps
  • They are knowledgeable about current discrimination laws
  • They know the best way to handle evictions should it become necessary

Why Your Property Manager Should Also Be Involved in Real Estate Sales:

  • Property sales affects property rentals
  • Practicing only property management or leasing would be like operating in a “Vacuum