Tenant Rental Application


Thank you for choosing TCG Properties to assist you with your real estate needs. In order to process your application, each of the items below are needed from ALL persons over the age of 18 planning to occupy the property: 

1. Valid Drivers License or photo I.D. 

2. Most recent pay stub showing YTD totals.

3. Two most recent bank statements

4. Credit Report (if you have one). Upon pre-approval we will run our own credit report(s).

5. Other sources of income - please supply supporting documentation

If You Are Self Employed

If you are self-employed, we will need the need items 1, 3, 4 and 5 listed above plus the first two pages of last years tax return

More Information

1. Please include all pets on your Application Package. Any Guarantors must also submit an application package (no Verification of Residency).

2. Insurance—A Renter's Insurance Policy, naming TCG Properties as a co-insured will be required to be in effect prior to occupancy and throughout your tenancy.

3. Upon acceptance of your application and prior to occupancy, we will require a cashier’s check or payment through Zelle (or electronic transfer) for the full amount of the first full month's rent and the security deposit.

4. All monthly rental payments will be made through ACH (electronic funds transfer system) - not by check.

Credit Report & Processing Fee

Before we process your application, we will also need to run a credit report. The non-refundable application cost is $35 per applicant. The check should be made payable to Paul Campbell, mailed or delivered to the address below or paid through Zelle. The Zelle payment should be made to Paul Campbell and the email address to use is paulc@campbellgrouphomes.com.

Once again, thank you for choosing TCG Properties to assist you.


TCG Properties