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There are many things in an apartment that can happen, that can constitute an emergency.  A fire, a serious injury, or other serious event that you feel is an emergency, should be dealt with by calling 911 immediately. 

Water Leaks

It is important to know exactly where the main water turn off to your Apartment is located, in case you have to turn it off quickly. These shut off valves are locate on the exterior wall of your apartment and or marked with the unit numbers on each of these turn off valves. Turn the round valve handle clockwise to turn them off. You can confirm if your unit is turned off by opening any inside faucet.

If you have a water leak in your unit, look to see where it may be coming from. If for example, the water is coming from the kitchen sink, from the bathroom vanity cabinet, or perhaps around the toilet area. There are valves under all of these fixtures that can be turned off quickly by turning the handles clockwise, which will isolate the leak.  Any leak over time causes serious damage.

If there is a water leak coming from the Refrigerator, there is always a water turn-off behind the refrigerator or underneath the kitchen sink. It will be a small valve connecting to a ¼” copper or nylon tubing. Turn it off immediately and then call the Landlord.

If there is a leak coming from a pocket washer and dryer unit, (a pocket unit is when there are walls on each side preventing you from reaching behind the unit.) you must turn off the main water valve immediately and then call the Landlord. If the washer and dryer is not a pocket unit, reach behind the unit and turn both valves off.

If the water leak is coming from the walls are ceiling areas in your apartment, it is more than likely coming from the bathrooms above. When you have another Apartment over you, it may be coming from that apartment’s kitchen or bathrooms. Notify that tenant immediately and if they are not at home, turn their main water valve off immediately and then call the Landlord. 

Gas Leaks

If there is an Earth Quake and you smell gas, or if you smell gas at any other time, exit the building as soon as you can and have all other tenant's in the building exit their units as well. Call 911 Immediately and then call the Landlord.

Their also are gas turnoffs for each unit in front of the Apartment building where the gas meters are located. If any Gas Valve is ever turned off for any reason, Do Not Turn It Back On.  Call the Southern California Gas Company to turn any gas line back on. 

Garbage Disposal Use

When the garbage disposal suddenly does not work, check the following: If there is no humming noise coming from the disposal, turn the switch off. There is a small reset button on the bottom of the disposal, push this button in. Check the electrical panel for the disposal circuit breaker and make sure it is on. Now try the garbage disposal switch to see if it works. If you now hear a humming noise, turn the switch off immediately. Put a broom stick handle into the sink and free the cutting wheel on the disposal. Try the switch again. Always use sufficient water when operating the disposal. 

Emergency Contact

The emergency number for the Landlord is 805-405-9016